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What’s the case? There are many reasons for an argument. But which ones counter it? Yesterday an appointment in Vienna and today a video conference with London. Many of our projects transcend borders and involve international teams. As a Project Associate, you will look into interesting legal issues and coordinate your projects independently.


Are you deadline oriented? You can handle independent correspondence with clients, court and legal expenses insurance all appeal to you, and working with costs and fees is not a burden. Bring your professional competence as a legal assistant to the planning and execution of well-structured projects.

Commercial employees

What is the point of having the best argument if the work doesn’t get done? As a Business Assistant, you will be involved in vital processes and tasks. You will identify the work and contribute to the success of projects. You will also identify problems before they become problems.


The decision to practice law opens up many avenues. Which one is yours? Get involved in our projects and gain insight into the practice of a specialised law firm working on international activities. Would you like to stay with us?

Student Assistant

Studying is the first step in your career. Get involved and experience the work of a lawyer up close. You will support our projects and gain insights that go beyond standard legal practice.

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