‘Negotiation, not Judicial Litigation.’

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WEYER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH goes beyond the traditional legal enforcement of legal positions and civil settlement negotiations. Preliminary discussions reduce risks and costs. Negotiating solutions often makes more economic sense than pursuing litigation. We go the distance for our clients.

Before placing investments, exploratory talks with supervisory authorities are of considerable importance. Which structure is better suited for capitalisation from a legal point of view? Subordinate clauses may determine the status of equity. Being able to recognise structural problems in the conceptual design avoids follow-up costs.

In conflict situations, the aim and outcome of legal disputes must be examined. Legal disputes need provisions, which are often missing from income-oriented management. The continuation and continued existence of investments are at risk.

In litigation, we improve starting positions or secure legal positions. For larger investor groups, we systematically work towards preliminary agreements in order to clarify key legal issues and reduce cost risks.