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WEYER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH specialises in the judicial enforcement of claims arising from capital investments, from difficult individual cases to extensive proceedings with hundreds of clients. We make complex processes manageable, both nationally and internationally. In all instances, we persevere.

Our law firm develops procedural solutions for the demands of large numbers of investors. Collective redress is one of our specialities. We support wide-reaching cases and mass damages in court, often representing large-volume losses. We have staying power.

We combine diversified legal positions with investment products, from the enforcement of claims, through contractual or legal rights, to the defence of claims. Our services cover insolvency and company law proceedings, including actions for the determination of claims, determining the effectiveness of company resolutions, or defending against actions to avoid insolvency proceedings.

We have particular experience in international procedural law. Proven and long-standing cooperation enables us to conduct lawsuits in foreign courts.